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Goldfinger Factory

Art Direction

At Goldfinger Factory, I am in charge of consolidating the brand identity, manage the print and digital communication and to implement a design strategy.

strategisitic insight
print documents and template

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Where did we start?

Goldfinger Factory is a complex place: part a business and part a charity. It is composed of a shop, a café, a school, designers’ workplaces and a workshop.
They strive to use reclaimed materials in order to create inspiring furniture and organize events and workshops to empower local communities through crafts.
The initial brand identity was in place but a consequent organisation and communication work was left to do inhouse and out.

website design

Building Services Brochure, print, 32 pages, A5

general brochure, print, A4 folded to A5

What did I do?

I endeavour to collect all the informations dispersed and sort them out. I displayed them clearly on a new website and cought the particular spirit of this place with a generous display of photographies, clear texts and didactic diagrams.I helped with presentations for investors, stakeholders or lectures.
In house, I am working closely with every member of the team, I helped with the business process, made corporate templates for each action in each department.

brochure for corporate events, digital & print

What is the impact?

Goldfinger Factory is now able to use its members talents at their best, to be more responsive in its aim to bring awairness on reused benefits through sharing creativity and skills.
Their showroom is organised and engaging, their new website is clear and representative. Thanks to it, they have received new sponsorships.

impact report for year 2015, print, A4